Suzanne Lay Dress, 2011

Model Megan Dillingham in a 2011 dress by Suzanne Lay.  This is a new version, using tools from Anthropics.


Hyper Haute with Mimi Graczyk

Model Mimi Graczyk wears a creation from Hyper Haute.  Hair by Kris Theohar, makeup by Christopher McKinney, photo by Preston Page.

This is a re-work of an original 2012 picture, using a workflow incorporating tools an techniques that I didn’t know about at the time.  This version is much crisper with a longer tonal range than the original, which is a change in my aesthetics more than anything else.

Chiaroscuro 1 – #8 added this image of Dominique to their home page image rotator.


chiaroscuro 1 – #8

Girl With Sparkles On Her Teeth, 2011

This is a new, experimental version of a shot from 2011, with model Mimi Graczyk, hair and makeup by Yuriko.  The new version is the result of my current workflow, which is quite a bit different from my approach four years ago.