Mimi Graczyk Wears Hyper Haute IV

Mimi Graczyk wear Hyper Haute for at Femme Fatale test.

Girl with the Golden Gun

The first version of this photo dates to a shoot in 2012, with model Mimi Graczyk wearing a Hyper Haute create, with hair by Kris Theohar and makeup by Christopher McKinney.  This 2015 version is the result of my experimenting with new tools from Anthropics and Topaz.


Hyper Haute Mimi 2

Mimi Graczyk rocking 2012 Hyper Haute creations.  This is a new version, using new processing tools.

Femme Fatale Video Frame Grab

Model Mimi Graczyk stars in an experimental fashion video.  

Suzanne Lay Dress, 2011

Model Megan Dillingham in a 2011 dress by Suzanne Lay.  This is a new version, using tools from Anthropics.