Alison Jo Makeup Artistry Video

The final cut just finished, stars Abby Stahlschmidt and Madeleine Heppermann, with makeup by Alison Jo, clothing stylist Omar Samy, photography and video by Ray Meibaum and Preston Page, photo styling by Susan Page and music by Alex Clare.EditingI had been using Avid Studio, but it crashes under Windows 8.  There is now no mention of Avid Studio on the support site, so I scrambled for alternatives.  The workflow for this video turned out to:

  1. Organize, trim and color correct clips in Lightroom 4, then export to a working folder.
  2. Assemble the music and clips in Photoshop CS6 and exported to a full HD file.  This approach is actually effective and straightforward, delivering a fairly polished rough cut.
  3. End titles added with Cyberlink PowerDirector Ultimate 11. The interface is similar to Avid, but it is stable and much faster.
  4. Cyberlink uploaded the web optimized video to Vimeo and YouTube.


Cameras: Nikon D4 and Nikon D800

Lighting: Lowell Tungsten and Broncolor modeling lights

Support: Acratech Video Adapter, Opteka Shoulder Stock, Miller Fluid head.


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